selective color? Facebook much?
I rather have that supra but here is mine.

Dude the MKII Supras are way cool...Your supra is very clean I like it a lot...
Bandit is that your own?
Nah that belongs to my buddy Tim Robards, he used to own RRev Motorsports in Portland, this is a 7 sec. car. the pic was taken at Pacific Raceways in Kent , Wa.
I'll always have a sweet spot for Supras!
To be completely honest I do not know if it is stroked or not I assume it is...Its a hell of a car though...l believe it last put down 1579 whp @ 59 psi lol
Is the 'sticker' on the front of the car actually photoshopped on? it looks it....

For what its worth I love my toyota's, had a Celica TTVLi and now I have a GT86.

No its actually on there its just big and alone the fr-s. We are getting ready to make a turbo kit for the open market for them and the brz

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