Surprised with a D7000!!


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Jul 8, 2013
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My husband surprised me today with a D7000 and new lens.

What a pumpkin, eh?

Now, I get to spend every ounce of my free time reading this manual and learning new fun things, because, I finally graduated from my D5000!

Wooohooo! :mrgreen:
What an awesome surprise, congrats. Im jealous
Congrats, it's a great camera, you'll love it!

Have fun with the manual, it's quite a big one haha.
Thanks everyone! I'm in photography heaven!

cptkid, I read it this afternoon lol Definitely bookmarked a few special parts.
I picked up "D5100 For Dummies" and "D7100 For Dummies" when I first got each of my cameras and I must say, I've been pleasantly surprised with both. There's nothing "For Dummies" about it. They start off helping you set up your camera for your individualized needs. I highly recommend them. I even got mine for my Kindle. You might consider seeing if they make one for the D7000. Have fun with your new camera! Congratulations!
New schtuff is always just schnizzle!
The D7000 is a great DSLR! One of the few things that I like about the D7000 is the fact that you can save your settings to U1 or U2, which is very helpful when you need to make fast changes in little time ^_^

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