Swedish Sunset


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Jan 16, 2008
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Sunset in Sweden, summer 2007:

Wow! Awesome shot

Pixhostel, hmmm interesting name.

Must be new.
nice! reminds me of ... summer 2007 in Sweden!
Hiya Axellllllllllllllllllllll (I couldn't be bothered to count the l's, there are too many for "Axel", anyway :greenpbl: ), welcome to ThePhotoForum.

Sunsets are always nice. All orange sunsets are even nicer. Sunsets across some water are sure-fire winners. Good one here! Nice introduction to our forums - do post more.
Erm? :scratch:

Who is who here?
Axelll posted the photo and you say YOU took it, dlgbzh or Denis??? Come on, help us clarify this, for if Axelll has NOT taken the photo, it must disappear from this thread! No one is to post photos they have not taken themselves on here!!!

Or are you hijacking Axelll's thread with links to photos of your own, Denis?
To clarify this, I have taken the photo. That means, it is ok to have it here in this thread.

Ok, thanks for that, Axelll, that has, indeed, helped to clarify things.

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