There might have been a better angle for this shot. As it is now, it's pretty much a jumble of seats and chains. Did you take any other angles of this?
Nah, I was just passing by and I decided to take a picture.
I would agree on the angle. Just a little movement to the side. They can still overlap, but just to give a little differentiation. I would also like to see the bottom of the nearest seat in the shot. It feels cut off.
You need to plan a bit more.
Everything is at a tilt, you've clipped the bottom of the seat and the nearest chains are OOF.

You need to understand the relationship between Aperture and DOF, particularly when you are close.
You are shooting at a stationary target and at baseline iso.
You could shoot at 1/50, f 8 and raise the iso.
Then focus on the nearest chain and shoot away.
Hyperfocal Distance and Depth of Field Calculator - DOFMaster


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Great advice by Traveler and seeing that. That can be helpful to others in the future.

I would have shot that in portrait, using the bottom of the nearest seat's metal frame as a line up to prevent tilt or may have used the sidewalk, I used the side walk. I would have also made the A frame more to the right, in the thirds area. I like how you tried to get them all in there. I also would boost the saturation a little, you got some nice weather worn original paint.I could have avoided the left side in the edit if shot in portrait. Just trying to show you my thought process. I am not expert.

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Thank you guys for the awesome comments. I will try to use that what you guys said next time.
I'm curious as to where this is. I thought all swings in the US had been changed over to the web style. If nothing else, make some record shots of this and save for posterity.
Actually I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina. And believe me these are the best swings we have xD

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