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    I work for a hospital and I'm looking for some help to adapt a Canon Rebel XTi to a piece of medical equipment. From what I can tell, I need a t mount that fits into the camera body (bayonet mount). Then, the t mount needs to thread onto an adapter for our equipment. My question is, where do I find such a thing and how do I know what size thread is on the adapter I have? Actually, I talked to somebody and it looks like the adapter I need to go to is a 20mm. From what I understand, most t mounts are 42mm.

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    Usually the point of a T-ring is to convert your camera's custom lens mount into a universal female mount, while the T-mount converts your equipment's custom eyepiece to a universal male mount. Then you just connect the two. Do a simple Google search for a t-ring for your camera (should cost $15-20) or look at your local photography store. The T-mount will probably have to be purchased from the equipment's manufacturer.

    I've never heard of an issue with 42 mm vs. 20 mm ... sounds like the T-mount you're looking at needs to be a different one - talk with the equipment's manufacturer, for I've never seen a T-ring that's not the standard size.

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