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Jan 11, 2008
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I always thought I was at least decent at photography but after coming here I realize i have alot to learn... even in the beginner area, I'm hearing lots of words and terms that I am totally baffled by... polarizers, filters and so much other stuff... its probably because I mostly use a digital camera. I have a panasonic DMC LS2 an extremely nooby point and shoot camera that I got for christmas last last year... so yeah. im pretty bad. here are some of my pics. take a look and if u have any more tips for me id appreciate it ALOT

also, I dont know much about D/SLRS other than u can set the shutter speed for like... super fast... and... theres lots of lenses... and yeah.






the first and the last look real grainy, are they zoomed shots?

nah... theyre not. my cameras pretty bad... if u look at the specs??? or is there something else?
i dont know if I was playing with the ISO at that time yeah i dunno
polarizers, filters and so much other stuff...

Bah. You could go your entire life w/o these and not even realize you "need" them.

I think to really judge your "eye" some shots other than these might be appreciated. Kinda tough to go off of. Colors look ok in them, the long shutter speed shot is tilted, and some weird angles on others but other than that. . .seems like you know how to use the thing.

Practice. All there is to it. And a read-through of "Understanding Exposure". Even if you KNOW it all, you'd be surprised what else there is.
heyyy thanks for the advice ;)
and you know, what you said about not needing to know those other stuff, i guess its true unless i start getting into like film cameras or dslrs where im going to need to learn how to use manual mode alot more right??
and I mean, right now Im still using my crappy digital...

Like i mostly improvise with my camera because it just sucks so badly.
you know my long exposure shot? My camera doesnt have manual mode so i used "starry sky mode" (one of the preset scene modes) on 15 sec exposure to do that... so im just barely getting by as it is =S
but as they say, "dont blame your equipment" or whatever the saying is

but for sure i need to get a new camera soon... especially cus im on my yearbook team this year and i might advance in the next 2 years.

arite i post some more pictures... here are some better ones (i think)

critique / advice WELCOME THANKS






These are some really decent shots. For future reference, number your pictures so people can refer to them. I'll just refer to them in the order that they are right now. I like #1 (motion blur on the subway is neat), #3 (nice flower portrait), and #5 (love all those shades of blue) the best. I never pictured power lines being picturesque but it works for that shot.

Keep it up. :thumbup:
Heya Ryan, welcome to ThePhotoForum.

I sorted the "no-spaces-between-links" problem for you, and I will now move this thread over to the General Gallery since The Beginners' Place is more like a Q&A-forum, and the galleries are ... well, just that: galleries for showing one's work. Anyone can show their work there, whether they are beginners to photography, or just beginners to our forums, or long-standing members, or seasoned pros ... anyone. OK?

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