Tanker Accident

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Mar 10, 2007
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Now it's not every day you see something like this from your office window, but that's what I got yesterday. As far as we were able to tell, one of the fuel tankers that regularly plough a furrow up and down the Thumamah Road, must have got involved in some sort of RTA and went up in a ball of flames. I've no idea what happened to anyone involved and it doesn't appear to have been covered in the local press. At a guess, the flames were anything up to 30m high, with the smoke column rising considerably beyond that

The images aren't great, as they were taken with my P&S through windows that recently had V-Cool applied to them.




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Whoa! That is one massive amount of black smoke! And from the nearby vehicles, it looks like your estimate of the height of the flames isn't far off. Was the explosion loud even in your offices?

pity you didnt get the thing when it blew up

that wouldve been sweet
Was the explosion loud even in your offices?

We didn't actually hear an explosion at all, so I'm guessing it might have started with a small fire that grew rapidly to this. We drove along the road yesterday and there was a very strong smell of kerosene in the air, so I think it was probably one of the aviation fuel tankers that service the nearby international airport involved.

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