Teacher Needs Chroma Key / Green Screen Help


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Jan 12, 2012
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La Verne, CA
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Hi there,

I am a 4th grade teacher about to embark on a virtual field trip using a green screen with my students. We will be "traveling" from New York to California by steamship heading toward the Gold Fields.

What I want to do is take pictures of my students at each port along the way. I have thought of two different ways I can do this:

1. Take a few pictures of my students in front of a green screen, then have them edit the backgrounds on a computer. What software do you recommend that I can afford on a teacher's salary? Also, I would need several licenses, and it needs to be 4th grader friendly.


2. Have a computer and camera setup, so that students can see themselves on their preselected background, then take the picture and save right there to the computer. What software do I need for this?

Is there any other option that you could recommend for me and my students?

Also, I don't want to edit movies, just pictures.

Thank you so much for your help. If it matters, the green screen I ordered comes with the stand, 10x13 screen, and 3 lights.
I suggest you take the pictures on the green screen, print them out and let the students cut themselves out and paste them on the background they want. There is software out there that can be used with a green screen but nothing I think a 4th grader can handle. If you are set on using software just google Green Screen Software. There are many that offer a demo. You know the capabilities of your students better than us. Maybe you will find something that will work.
at foruth grade im not even sure they will be able to do that though =/ i think you would be better off with the computer camera setup
Gimp and pixlr are both free, and I'm pretty sure they can do green screen! Not sure if a fourth grader can green screen, though.
Thank you all for your help. I've been reading the responses but couldn't get logged in until today to post any updates. I was able to find a company that gave me an amazing deal on their software. ChromaShop Pro stepped up and supplied a very kid friendly software. It doesn't have any bells and whistles, but that's what makes it awesome for the kids. I went ahead and took their pictures and then had the kids do the editing in the computer lab. They are turning out pretty nice. Thanks again.

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