technical or artistic?


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Jun 27, 2003
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my hubby and i talk alot about this subject ... we browse photography sites sometimes for hours .... we talk about the "technical" side (which i have to say im a rule breaker :p ) and the "artistic" side ... we both agreed that we shoot from an "artistic" perspetive (or at least i try too :? )

going in, whats your angle? ... artistic or technical?
I think they go hand in hand. The technical side allows you to put onto film what your minds eye sees.

It's great to learn the rules so you can break them.
i see it totally from an artistic eye
i am trying very hard to learn with a technical one

i can see the image that may not even be there, i know i can do that, but the technical side is where i fall down.
i think im learing more of the technical side, but sometimes its too restrictive for me
coming from an mechanical engineering and computer rendering background (its what I do for a job), I'd have to say that my photos have a very technical base.

i'm trying to make them more artistic tho. I really am! :D
...voodoocat summarises very well my own view on this matter

I'm a creative or artistic individual who "sees" stories and photographs everywhere i go

Technical training has enabled me to control my tools and create or capture what my mind's eye can "see"

Without technical skills - i'd expect to be very frustrated

These skills also enable me to capture images that others want (or work to a brief)

Was it van Gogh who said that art was 90% conception & 10% application (??)

Maybe he was right - but without mastery of one's tools, those percentages (in terms of time & effort to achieve one's desired outcome) might well be reversed

Nice thread, Dew!


i think pretty artistically, as manda was saying...i can see the shot but it doesnt always come out the way i want...

I always go into a shot at an artistic view, but at the same time the more you know what the tech side of things, the more you know how to get the picture you are looking for. The tech rules are there to be broken for the sake of art. If you what your picture to be underexposed, and super high contrast.... if thats what you want than that is what you should do. When printing I tend to print a bit high in contrast. I guess it is kinda cheating, but I like the way it looks so I do that.


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