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Feb 21, 2012
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Los Angeles
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Can anybody point me in the right direction? My dad and I just recently took on the challenge of large format for the first time in both our lives. We bought two cameras (Speed Graphic, and a Technika III ver. 4) and a couple different lenses. Now we need some lens boards to mount the new lenses to. It's really hard to find a board for the technika III. The board should be rectangular and measure 100mm x 93 mm. It should have a recessed ring on the back that measures 70.5 mm on the inside. It also has a small notch on the bottom center of the board. Does anyone have any of these for sale? Preferably one drilled for a Copal #0?

I saw the one on the B&H site, but they want $65 for a blank. There's gotta be someone out there who fabricates their own for way cheaper, or maybe even someone with a few lens boards just sitting around.
$65 seems pretty darn reasonable to me, but if it is too steep, why not fabricate your own?

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