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TEMPLATE: What Focus Mode, Metering Mode, AF-Area, Quality, etc.. do you use most?


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Jan 16, 2012
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I'll start..

AF-AREA: Dynamic Area
ADL / DL: On
WB: Auto

Depends on the type pic I'm taking, depth of field I want, studio or outdoor lighting, fill flash, flash or ambient or studio lighting, macro or regular shots, indoors or out, low key light or soft or high contrast, which lens is on the camera, headshot, portrait, or non-human subject, type event shot: still, panning, freeze action,

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I understand your point but i bet you use some settings the "MOST"
Not really, I iwish i did so i could have a default setting to leave my camera set to for when i take it out of the bag.
Yeah, it really depends on the subject (s), light conditions, motion of subject (s), etc.
ahhhhh forget it
OK, I'll bite.

The focus mode I use most is probably AI Servo (AF-C), but I use back button focus, so that I can 'lock' the focus by releasing the AF-on button. Best of both worlds.
Although, when I have a flash mounted on the camera and I'm in low light, I use One Shot, because that' the mode that activates the AF assist light on the flash.

Focus point selection (AF Area), I never use the auto point selection. I pick a single point, usually the middle, but I'll move it around when needed.

Metering: I probably use partial or centre weighted the most. Spot sometimes and rarely use Evaluative (Matrix).

I believe that Nikon's Active D-lighting is similar to Canon's Highlight Tone Priority, I haven't used it at all.

WB: almost always use auto (but always shoot in RAW).
i need to try to use more partial/center metering...
Matrix metering
Static focus not AF-C. I use AF-C when I shooting at F1.4 or when movement may be possible
Single point focus
I shoot Raw for paid shoots, for my own stuff I shoot Jpeg with d-lighting on.
Always have Auto ISO on.
White Balance Auto
Blinkies are always activated and my selection knob in the back shows my histogram when I push it.
Always shoot in Aperture priority and adust exposure via the exposure compensation wheel. Except I use Manual when shooting sports or when using flash indoors. Flash is always set ttl on Focal Plane, so I can use faster shutter speeds larger F-stops outside, switch to 250 sync indoors.

My philosophy is to set as many things as possible and just leave them there.
Manual stop-down focusing, wb set custom by taking a photo of a 92-bright piece of copy paper folded twice in the light conditions the photo will be in, its lazy and close enough for me and I use the standard exposure triangle method to get a correct exposure (shutter speed, aperture, ISO). Everything on my 1000D is set manually. I never set anything and leave them there. I was doing it and then getting junk photos because what worked in one condition wouldn't work in another and I had forgot to make the changes. So now I just set up as rapidly as I can before the shoot. I don't use flash, so I rely on available lighting. I shoot jpg most of the time but I will shoot RAW if I'm planning on doing HDR. I'm not looking to make money or anything so could care less at this point if I shoot lossy jpeg.

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