Testing out Sony A7s II


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Oct 16, 2012
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Had this bad boy for about a week. So far it's decent. Not a drastic change for the first version but there have been some useful upgrades.

Internal 4k
Better "feel"
works "better" with metabones adapter
Memory card loads normally now
better button customization
s-log real feel display options (slog-3 is so flat that it's often hard to see)

Battery life is terrible. Less than 30-45 minutes on a full charge
It gets hot recording 4k
4k is a bit too compressed for my liking better if is was faster than 100
They have this stupid feature where the LCD screen goes black if you look through the viewfinder and vice versa. But on a sunny day it seems to cause only the viewfinder to work. Also you cannot make both work at the same time which is a pain because I would use the viewfinder to check focus and the lcd to check composition.

Overall it's not bad, still not sure if I'd buy this one or just go with the FS5 and get all the features of a tdedicated video camer because the image quality of the A7s is just aweful.

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