Thai Monk - Color Pop (C&C)

I would have to agree with Chris on this one. I like the 1st picture however.
Me three; I too love selective colouring, but this isn't the image for it. It's a good capture, but there's too much blank space. Consider cropping everything above the red tile roof and to the right of the tree trunk immediately behind his bicycle to make him more the centre of the image, and don't forget to level your horizons in post.
i think for me its the nature of the person that makes me no like the selective coloring on him.. i mean, monks are quiet calm reserved holy people, and this picture kind of makes him look like a clown to me... plus i've never really liked selective coloring on people with darker skin tones..
ugh.. Im sorry but i hate selective coloring. Sorry, I'm trying to be as polite as I can here.
to each his own - having lived in thailand for a while - the orange of the monks robes really stand out when you see them on the street, etc. I thought this would be a good picture for my first attempt at a color pop.

It's wonderful that you love it, art after all is beauty in the eye of the beholder. When you ask for C and C you are simply looking for (if not technical assistance) a statistical value of like vs dislike.

Now, from my experience this is not a "color pop" being an increase in saturation, but rather "selective coloring" and as for my personal opinion, and being that this is art it is just that, a monks role is almost subdued compared to those that partake in the everyday statistical norm. Selectively coloring the monk the way he is seems to have taken away from an amazing expression and inpact on the person looking at the shot.

I completely agree with all the previous posters that either A) not the best shot for selective coloring, B) possibly consider coloring the monk and his bike as well, C) the way the selective coloring is applied here takes away from what IS the monk and his role.

Just my two cents of course
I am not a fan of selective coloring.
I am not a fan of selective coloring.

thanks - I took them down. I'm ok with the "im not a fan" but don't appreciate someone calling me an idiot because I called it color pop instead of selective coloring. Is this not the beginner forum????
theres no need to take them down just because people dont like it, that shows people that you cant take critque..

and i called you an idiot because you came back with a smart ass remark when i told you what it was called, i was trying to help you for the future...

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