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Nov 26, 2006
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cheshire uk
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Some pleb racing down the road in front of our house - i guess he didnt win!



WOW! that first shot is a stunner. Nice series, said it all. Well almost, was the driver hurt seriously? Passengers?
TY :)

The driver WALKED away! Bloody, but in one peice!

Iv passed the shots (6 in total) onto our local papers - hopefully they will be published as i was the only one there with a cam! LOL
Not only racing, but on the wrong side of the rode too. :lol:
So you didn't run down there and help the poor guy? I guess my superhero-ness would have kicked in about then. :)
I thought the same thing at first, but after close inspection I could see it was not a Subaru....I just did not know what it was.

Yeah, Subaru would have been too busy winning the race to flip over, eh?

Seeing people drive stupidly pisses me off though. I guess I used to think it was funny or cool to race, but when someone you love gets taken away because of dumbass driving, things change. God damn, I miss her.

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