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Mar 18, 2013
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Dude that's so gnarly by SharonCat..., on Flickr

Went to the Mt Auburn cemetery today to re-visit this threadleaf maple tree that is a very popular photo subject in fall. It's one of the New England rite of passage shots that everyone gets at some point. I've captured this tree a few times before or a similar one as there are several there. But not in the past couple of years. Every time I crawl under the canopy for this shot I kick myself for not having a fisheye or ultra wide. This was taken with the Samyang 12mm. The Mt Auburn is the first landscaped cemetery in the US and is a very popular place for walking, birding and photography. I've seen hawks, GBH and owls there over the years. If you live in the area and have never been, you have to check it out in both spring and fall.
Oh I do like that- such a lovely coloured tree :)
I like it a lot, great work!

Excellent! Love the colors and composition. The sun peaking thru is a bonus
Wonderfully vibrant color. Lovely shot!
That's gorgeous!!! Love how you filled the frame.
Thanks Terri - I tried a pano but the branches are so wonky it wouldn’t line up!

Quite spectacular! :encouragement:
Beautiful shot.....
Oh I do like that- such a lovely coloured tree :)
Thank you! They’re gorgeous when they turn and the sun lights them up.
Lovely shot! I really like the flaming colors and the sun filtering through the leaves.
Thanks. I almost missed the sun. You can probably tell in this shot that it was a bit hazed over. This is one of my first shots and the sun was soon covered and the tree not as lit.
I like it a lot, great work!

Thank you!
Excellent! Love the colors and composition. The sun peaking thru is a bonus
Thanks! Yes I just managed to get a few shots off before the sun completely hazed over. One of the few times I want full midday sun!
Wonderfully vibrant color. Lovely shot!
Thank you!
Very nice capture. Like the composition.
splendid ... what an unusual look of those sunrays ... they are like laser beams

As you have undoubtedly surmised… I used a star effects filter. The sun hazed over before I could get a true sunburst and I wanted to see if I could create one.
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a-ha, no, I didn't know
Topaz Star Effects. It’s a plug in that came with the bundle I got a few years ago when I ordered the Denoise and Sharpen software. I haven’t used it a lot but nice to have for some situations.

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