Thats it! I need entertaining!!

Lisa B

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Nov 13, 2007
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Mount Penn, PA
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I'm staying with my husband for a while, you know this! I am bored though now coz he is at work and to go anywhere in America you need to drive or walk 57 billion miles - and if i go out i'll probably get shot or lost, so, im sitting here and i'm bored, although i might go to the garage (thats the gas station) in a while. till then, you need to all go and take a random picture of yourselves and post it here for entertainment purposes!

Kudos to anyone who can find an object with the colour red in it to put in their photo!

I'm going to participate too.....
Sorry darling, but I already did my share of entertaining tonight ;)

In fact I have to leave in a couple of minutes :(
You have all day!

I'll be checking this thread again in 24 hours!

I'll just post pics of myself being a dick if it entertains me :D

I was being entertained by young Fred whilst his mother is in hospital producing a 10 lb 12oz baby sister! I now am an expert on Postman pat and Thomas the Tank Engine.


Here is me the other day with the Boy!
I have on my phone a photo of me with my (clean) pants on my head. Tonights level of alcohol intoxicity will dictate whether or not I post it.
Is that you, Beth? :shock:
I posted this before and got nothing but, hey, it's got red in it.



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