The Beaver Pond


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Mar 29, 2016
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About 2 miles from me is a fairly large spring that the beavers have dammed up. It's pretty secluded there, nice place to sit and watch. Nothing appeared today, but the scenery and light rain.

Cox Gap Spring by William Raber, on Flickr
@Jeff15 and @jeffashman Thanks guys. Theres a lot of history surrounding the year round spring. Native american tribes were frequent visitors to the high ground around it. Where I was parked was the last encampment for Jackson and his army from TN, before they invaded the Creek territories. During the Civil War it was used often as a camp. A couple hundred feet from where I was sitting is a Civil War cemetary. Sitting there in the early mornig or late evening listening to the wind in the trees, you can almost imagine the whispering of past visitors as they go about their day.
Another beaver shot, cool! Interesting place, liked the narration.

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