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the descent


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Jun 27, 2010
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Trying something new. Took awhile to figure out what composition I wanted, and took even longer to try to assemble everything together! Also, it was a pain trying to hold the flower still with the wind blowing around >.< Anyways, this is the first of a few that I'm attempting, all around the theme of water drops. I have a few with refractions in the drop. Again going for a high key, simple type shot - kind of finding that's my preferred style now.

thoughts welcome!
IMG_3227-Edit-2 by Jeffrey Lee, on Flickr
beautiful! Tell us about your setup!!
i'll post a picture soon! it's really quite crude, haha.

I cannot see where you think you have failed.
Very lovely
where did you get the impression that I thought I failed? the title? the title was for the drop descending ... :D
Lovely shot, simply excellent!
beautiful! Tell us about your setup!!
So, here's my very crude setup. I was just inside my garage to get nice lighting, setup a white cardboard-like thing in the background with blue construction paper taped on, and taped the leaf on the side of a plant dish of sorts. Then I just filled the dish with water and put the flower in the water!
Oh the joy of construction paper :) Worked well. The best thing is that the setup is different then i would have thought.

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