The dividing line

Joel Bolden

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Sep 2, 2020
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Stormstown, Pennsylvania
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When the Super Continent known as Pangaeawith drifted apart, forming Africa and Western Europe, the split occurred along what is now known as the Appalachian Mountain Range. The Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the Scottish Highlands were once part of the Appalachian Mountain
range. I know the first time I was in Scotland and saw the Highlands, I shook my head and thought, "damn, that looks just like back home". Turns out I was right, but didn't discover it until years later. In these two pics I'm standing on what's known as Skytop mountain,at around 2100 feet, which is part of the ridges considered the western edge of the Appalachians and looking across the highway at the beginning of the Allegheny Mountain Front; which extends westward through several states. In reality its all the same system. This is where I live, work, hike, grow food, kayak etc. This time of the year it turns into a huge technicolor display that goes on for hundreds of miles.
It is similar to our countryside.

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