The fish was looking at me


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Mar 8, 2007
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Went to the zoo, and i know how everyone on here seems impressed with fish photos for some reason... lol, i took this picture, comments, criticism apreciated as always!

There's dirt on it? Scanner? Glass? I dono.

It's a pretty cool shot, just could use some cleaning up to try and make it look lessl ike it's through glass. I know it's hard...but I'm sure if you got rid of the dirty specks, it'd be a world different.

Nice'd you convince it?
i think that might have been specs in the water actually..... but i'll work on that. as for the pose, i just told him to... oh never mind... lol i couldnt think of anything clever
Somehow, I really don't know how :)wink: ), his "smile" reminds me of this TPF-smilie: :grumpy:
Whatever is it that might give me THIS idea is sooo beyond me...


Zoo aquarium glass is usually VERY thick and harder to get photos taken right through than with living room fish tanks. You did well. All my zoo aquarium pics taken in August came out so I could never be bothered to show them to anyone... :oops:
LaFoto, that fish looks just like that.

I like the picture, Shorty. ron
heres a photo shoped i just got rid of the specks
yeah, the glass was pretty thick, probably not as thick as some though because it wasnt a big aquarium, it was more of a pond with one glass side, maybe 10 feet deep or so, i'd guess the glass was maybe between one and two inches, or for LaFoto, and anyone else overseas, probaly a few cm. (3-6)

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