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Aug 31, 2011
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Mark Twain once said: "The coldest winter Ive ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."
He's right.
We got past the Farrallon Islands to start our day, and It was freezing. What an incredibly harsh environment.

bridge by keips66, on Flickr

bridgeII by keips66, on Flickr

mine by keips66, on Flickr

boat by keips66, on Flickr

gull by keips66, on Flickr

But, it was all worth it...

fish by keips66, on Flickr

Fresh, King Salmon... awesome :)
Awesome!!! I did some saltwater fishing for king salmon a few hundred miles north of you at about the same time, and the weather was mostly quite mild...we fished in shorts and T-shirts most of the time. The wind waves, and ocean swell, were more of an issue than the temperatures, per se. We even managed to limit out on kings two of the three days we fished. Nothing quite as awesome as summer salmon fishing in saltwater!!!

I have to ask: Have you seen the T-shirt that says, "Ain't no nookie like chinookie!" ? " need one of
haha Ill google it :) Ya, fresh wild caught salmon is pretty darn good! Cant wait to go again :) The last time I want out was shorts type of weather.... maybe in August or September around here...
Looks like you had a good time!

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