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Dec 29, 2005
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London, England.
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Been trying to shoot in a local forest. I've been back three times and I think I'm getting there. The light needs to be just so. I did these early morning. Comments welcome, I need to get it right before all the bluebells appear!





I agree, you got it right! Very nice.

I really, really like the framing and the shadows in #2. For me, they could all use a tiny bit of contrast to darken up the shadows, but you know me...I like stuff dark :mrgreen: Very nice stuff!
These are superb mohain, you got some great light in there.... i also prefer 2... would look great in B+W too i rekon, great job with the capture tho :thumbup:
yea right! really cool..but I wanted to see that green forest with a deer! LOL

lovely thing with that so we can say it still a virgin I wish..

lovely picture you have here..
Indeed the lighting gives it a rather soft look, gotta try that sometime.
Love the vividness, I know they are just trees, but I like how you composed this Mohain. Lovin #2 with the slight underexposure. Really cool cool shots !
Very cool lighting in those pics! Look forward to seeing it with the bluebells.
Thanks for the comments :mrgreen:

Arch, I will try a B&W, thanks :)

Woody, I know what you mean. I fought for ages with myself about the shadow contrast. It just didn't looked right with darker shadows. I did have a bit of trouble processing these shots.

M @ k o, they are all underexposed a bit. This is the problem I have had. Too much and it's all mulchy, too little and the highlights and the fringing are a mare! I have to watch the histogram carefully! Another problem I have is that my camera doesn't handle underexposure well...

Anyway, I burble... Thanks again :)


great shots mohain, i would also like to see them in b&w, just for kicks... but i really like these, i think early morning is definitely the way to go... hard to pick a favorite but i love your comp in #2 with the shadows... :thumbup:

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