The Grand Tetons


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May 25, 2010
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On a nearly 2 week trip in Wyoming. Was out without the tripod yesterday, but still think I got a few good shots. What do you guys think?

Any C&C appreciated


Grand Tetons by greenjackson16, on Flickr
Thanks, It's at a famous photography spot in Wyoming; it's a sort of mini ghost town. I took some of the abandoned buildings, but this I feel was better. Later I'll post a few of the abandoned buildings.
Theres a lot of potential there! I don't think the wood adds to the photo at all in #1, sorry, no offense..
. The title of the thread doesn't display the mountains. I think your wide angle shot really shrinks the mountains to not very spectacular scene. The old wood in the first is very distracting, and in my opinion, ugly. The Tetons are gorgeous, the photo with wood looks like tornado wreckage.
The sky in the 2nd is also over processed, and blends with the mountains.
Nice lines in the 3rd. Your best shot of the 3. I'd add a little more contrast to the wood for depth.

edit: I couldn't help but to look at the first again. I noticed a fence on the far right that was still standing. It would have been an awesome shot to incorporate that fence as a lead-in-line toward the Tetons...and avoiding all the cluttered boards laying on the ground.
Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the feedback! With 1 and 2 I know the Tetons are a commonly shot landmark, and was trying something a little different. I think the wood adds interest to the foreground and leads the eye through the shot, but I do tend to like photos that envolve urban/rural decay. I certainly realize what you are saying with 2 now, I will go back and scale the sky back a bit. for 1 and 2 I was going for a pulled back perspective that I love to capture with my 17-40mm. If the main focus of the photo isn't the grand tetons, and I scaled back the sky a bit do you think it would make it a much better photo? for 3 I will add a bit more contrast. I'll do those in a little while, I'm actually about to be out the door to take some more photos. Have you had experience shooting in Wyoming? if you have I'd love to hear some tips or anything you want to say.

Thanks again

I think the wood in #1 would look nice if the post wasn't sticking up, it pulls my eye to it. Without that post I think it would give it an air of an abandoned desolate space. That said, I do really like the shot. I agree with propilot on #2 and #3 as well. Overall though I think these are pretty great.

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