The Highwayman


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Aug 15, 2006
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The banditos would hide their horses in the clefts in the formation, climb to the top, and keep a lookout- They could see for 20 miles in each direction. The stage would approach, and they would move dustlessly into a deep and shadowy arroyo, then lie in wait.

Vasquez, the 'Gentleman', would politely rob them all. But one man refused to give up his watch, a gift from his since departed wife. Vasquez left him with his watch, a gold piece, and his condolence. Once a rich man carried only $200 for him to steal. Vasquez sternly warned him to bring him more next time or he would be a dead rich man.

Tiburcio Vasquez, the last 'Californio', was eventually hanged for a murder he did not commit. He died a young man, but the legend of the Robber's Roost remains.

I love all of the layers of color and shadow, story def adds to it
Thanks everyone. This is one of those shots that work best with an explanation of what it is. I think that's more because the environment is so alien to many. It is a somewhat historic site as well as an interesting geologic formation.

I had arrived at the 'Roost' about an hour before sunrise. I wanted to get up closer, but the maze of roads leading to the rocks was undecipherable winding and dropping through the canyons and washes in the dark. At one point I put the truck in 4 wheel drive to scramble up a hill. I hit the gas and climbed right up and was glad I stopped at the top because the road ended and a 50-60 foot drop was the only way forward. Backing down a steep road is unnerving but preferrable to falling forward.

I went back the way I came in and stopped about 1/2 mile from where I left the paved road. The temperature was probably about 34f, just a bit above freezing. I had to hike a couple hundred yards from the truck to the positions I wanted to try. I set up and waited about 20 minutes for the sky to lighten up. I left my gloves in the truck. I could have walked back and got them, but the profile of the area was unfamiliar to me and I wasn't sure exactly when the sun would crack on the top of the peak. I wasn't willing to take the chance on missing it. The lighting only lasts for a few seconds.

This is from the first series of shots- the light didn't 'crack' like I wanted. The foreground lightened up first and the rocks went kind of ambient (the horizon was about 20 miles away).


The first shot I posted pretty much matched the way I've seen it in my head though, and I'm very happy about that.
nice first shot for sure...
Thanks Mesoam
the first shot is great.
:thumbup: Thanks Max!
the first shot is nice!

for me personally it would work better as a square crop though. then I could imagine it at the wall ;)

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