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Jul 6, 2010
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N. California
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Some quasi-candid shots I took a while ago (the kids were outside playing and I asked them to come over to the garden one at a time). C&C welcome.

Shot with D7000, 55-200mm lens, white reflector out of frame to the left but no other lighting equipment.

The first one is charming (a little nit pick would have been to put down the toy).

Wonderful smiles! Not sure about the flare? lower right in #2.With the girls I'd double check the hair/bangs, as they move around so can the hair, especially backlit it makes the flyaway strands more noticeable. Check the clothes too for bunching/wrinkling.

Can't beat those faces!
cute as a button.
Great portraits of your kids! Since you asked for critique, I would suggest moving them slightly into the shade, that way the back light from the sun isn't as strong and doesn't blow out around them.

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