The lonely toy.... (c&c)


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Jun 13, 2010
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I thought these looked neato.


not an expert at all, just some honest personal feedback. I find that the shadows hurt my eyes and overall does not create a a pleasant effect.
I like the second one. I don't like the crop though. It's almost square, but not quite. To me this says "indecision".

Idea: What if you line up the toy in the same direction of the shadow lines, so that the entire side of the toy is lit, with no shadows on it?
Another idea similar to bitters, how about having it facing you, you get a little lower to it, and have the string coming towards you. Focus on the face, and having the string may give you a line to follow up to it's face. I wouldn't put it straight on, but on a but of an angle. I think getting rid of those shadows would be great. Something with some nice even lighting.
Apparently people don't understand I thought the shadows were an interesting part of the shot and I want them there. I should have stated that. I liked the shadows and I wanted them in the picture.

I like your idea Bitter and if my ADD doesn't get the best of me I will give that a shot tomorrow.
I think if the toy was going along the lines, instead of parallel it would be much more pleasing.
I see where you were coming from finding both the lines to be interesting and the wooden toy. The problem is that as others are mentioning both of these interesting aspects are competing with each other and distracting from the photo.

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