The Lonesome Car


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Nov 20, 2005
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Belgium / Brussels
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The Lonesome Car by Dirk Desmet, on Flickr

The Lonesome Car, photographed on the rooftop of the Parking 58 in Brussels.
This nightsky photo is an older one I took in november 2005. (*)

I post this now again because it's quite a hot topic at the moment of speaking. In the near future, this really legendary parking will be closed, the building will probably get demolished and there will be some new stuff, downtown Brussels.

The parking is known by lots of tourists aswel who wanted a free panoramic view over the city, from inside the center. Probably one of the only places where you still could see this view 360° round.

(*) Anyway, the quality is not that good, but I got my scanner back to work, this one was shot with a Kodak Portra VC 160 film. With a Nikon F401 camera, probably the 35-70mm lens, but I'm not sure about that anymore.

Did not do any editings on this one. It's just how it came from the negative.
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