The long awaited Nikon F6.

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by railman44, Oct 21, 2004.

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    What do you all think? I don't know the price but I'm sure it's not cheap. It looks like a 35mm camera in a digital Nikon body to me. In the pic I saw even the lens looked like it should be on a D2H or D100. Am I too critical? Sorry, but the dough they'll probably want for it makes me happy with my F2A and F3HP. I've read where the series E Nikon lenses are made just as good or better than the modern lenses. That's scarry considering the cost of the newer lenses. Someone please set me straight on this... :cry:

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    From what I've seen it look like a cross between the F5 & F100.

    There has been quite a few discussions on the Nikonians F5/F6 User Group forum. Here is the main link for Nikonians. Just look up the forums and F5/F6 User Group.

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