The love streets of the strange town


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Dec 2, 2007
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Russia, Moscow
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I can going and going along the streets this town.
Like it do and you will be glad!

I now have a headache! lol. That is a really cool pic.
since you want help with your english...your first post should probably read "I can keep going and going along the streets in this town"

I'm not too sure about the second part.

also "a headache is better than a toothache."

Just tryin to help you out...English is very hard.

Your photo is neat. How many images is that?
English is pretty tough, but I get what you mean, so keep at it.

This picture is pretty cool, and so is your avatar
It is 5 or 6 photos.
Thank you for your help!
Awesome photo! Very creative and I also love the avatar!:thumbup:
Have I been drinking?

Nope it really is that way... Haha sweet picture!
fantastic work, surrealism rocks my world and I wish I had the creativity to produce this kind of work. It really is about seeing the ordinary in a non-ordinary way.
reminds me of Esher drawings, very cool

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