The Mundane, Part 3


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Dec 19, 2015
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New London, CT
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Another 366 photo assignment -- something you wore. Since nothing I wear is attractive, being about 6'2" and pushing three bills, I went with the glasses. I've been playing with flash a bit -- I had a room with very little ambient light and bounced my flash somewhere -- I played with direction and intensity quite a bit, so I'm not sure where exactly. I realized when I was processing that I should have dragged the glasses a little towards the bottom left corner. I keep making silly mistakes in composition when I'm trying something new. Something to for next time. What else should I work on?

20160112-_MG_3139-2 by jwa04, on Flickr
It's good - the clarity of the books is great - but the definition lost at the upper right eye glasses hurts some.

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