The North of England does not...


hmm I recognise this place! And some of you!
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May 1, 2008
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appreciate the value of Sigma. :( -- well at least the western side of the north, I've no idea about over the hills

Specifically the 120-300mm f2.8 OS :(

Tried several of the biggest and all were special orders only now got my fingers crossed that London Camera Exchange in Manchester can track one down in their empire of shops. Otherwise I'm left either ordering blind or a hefty train bill down to Norfolk (and they be strange people up thar*)

*Note - Norfolk is always "up" from a Suffolk local ;)
I would offer to bring you one up from Paris as I will be setting foot on your island soon for the first time in my life...

but I have a feeling I'm not going north enough. Just a bit northwest of London :)
Thanks for the tips but I'm just coming for a funeral :(

My last family member in the UK, that I know of anyway, and I'm only going to be there 3 days. 2 to pack his library that he left me and 1 for the funeral itself, then I head back. I have no time right now to do any more than that.

Check on the raincoat :lol:
Ahh I'm very sorry to hear that :(

Hope the few rushed days go smooth for you - and heck with that tunnel you should slink over and visit again (just wait till summer when its a little less rainy ;))

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