The Rays of the Sun


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Oct 31, 2011
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Atlanta, Georgia
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C&C most welcome. :) I also have a colored and a bit more edited version here if you are interested.
Excellent picture both versions. I like the crop its different, thanks for sharing.
Oh oh oh, I thought you were just taking a picture of the sky. Didn't see the sea.
The cloud patterns on the left end and the rays emerging out are excellent; for the rest, i am not happy with this image. Darker regions disturbs too much.... sea appears over sharpened too...

Regards :D
I like this! The clouds are a little black but it makes it kinda interesting... Also, the colored version doesn't look very realistic to me. idk.
I like the shot, have you tried playing with the red filter levels to lighten the clouds a little, it wouldn't be so contrasty though, I like it :sexywink: I just had a play with it in Photoshop, details gone from the clouds but you can still get some detail out of it. Red filter doesn't do what I thought it would but hey every days a school-day!
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Thanks for the tips guys. I lightened the clouds in photoshop and the results are somewhat questionable. :meh: I also cropped out the sea in the b&w version, it just didn't look right.


Why are you cropping this way?

I'd like to see the image without a weird crop.
Sorry, i did not see the color image.... i think the golden hue is good; the new version of B&W has solved the problem partially; it happened for the better that you removed a dead sea

Regards :D
the version you posted the link to is beautiful! I don't really like the black and white. I didn't even know that was water, thought it was grass or something. But yes, the color one is great!
Thank you for the advice. The thing is that the sea was unsalvageable, so I decided to cut it out and turn the focus towards the sky more. I realize that the crop appears to be awkward, but the more I look at it, the more I seem to like it.

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