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    wrote this for my english class, though i'd post it here

    There on the table sits the rose whose petals
    resemble that of blood, but with the aroma
    of a summer morning. As the sun sets
    the blood runs from the petals;

    and the hint of summer diffuses
    as the flower fades to nothing;
    fades to that of a dandelion.
    And is soon followed by yet another.

    The droplets look so perfect once again
    as they sit atop the slender petals
    as the sun rises upon that day
    unsure of what is in itÂ’s future

    It sits there so pure, yet so unaware
    of its vile outcome. It should be a crime
    that one can be so unsure and yet
    we allow it to do so time after time.

    actually wrote it having nothing to do with a rose, but thats the great thing about creative writing


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