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Sep 20, 2010
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This one is from my phone camera when I was on my way home. It's kinda messy, but it's the best I had of that cool cloud formation.

The poor quality aside, I'm thinking should I crop the picture? Try not to catch a bus in the frame next time? Honestly, I like putting details (I waited for a bus to drive by), but sometimes it goes overboard and I'm not sure if this kind of detail (the bus) can be called a noise.

These other 2 I shot in raw, but since my camera isn't supported by Lightroom3, I had it converted to .tiff. One of my first raw pictures and I'm surprised at its graininess so I went to a darker, underexposed look. I'm not sure if it worked. Is there another way around reducing noise in raw processing?


Not sure about that first one. I think I would just keep it on my cell phone as a memory of the cloud, and not do anything else with it. Not worth it.

I don't know about raw processing, but the underexposed look I think is a little too much. It's just too black on the left, and those leaves and wires on the bottom blend in with the clouds. They are cool clouds, though.

The last one is different. Maybe crop out the brush on the left and the thing on the bottom and just have the clothes pins? It's too bad about those blown areas in the sky, but they arent horribly ugly and maybe it was unavoidable.

Cool. :)

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