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Jan 24, 2014
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大田, South Korea
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They are tearing down one of my favorite older neighborhoods in my city. I started a project to capture as much of it as I can before it's gone. I've been using both film and digital, as each helps me to see the area in a different way. I've been posting many of the shots in various other threads. Here are some of the snaps I caught today.

A random painted rock, I imagine that people sit on it when they are tired or need a smoke.
DSC_7205 by Machiavelliar, on Flickr

One of the cats that I encountered in the eave of an abandoned traditional house.
DSC_7217 by Machiavelliar, on Flickr

Tom, creeping along the walls.
DSC_7234 by Machiavelliar, on Flickr

These are put along the compound walls outside houses instead of barbed wire. I'm certain that this ingenuity will be forgotten.
DSC_7219 by Machiavelliar, on Flickr

One of the most obligatory shots in the area, barber.
DSC_7246 by Machiavelliar, on Flickr

One of the quick fixes to reinforce a crumbling wall.
DSC_7236 by Machiavelliar, on Flickr
Good documentary set.
It's good to document change. We have lost many little mining cottages in our town because of repetitive flooding. It looks very different from when the current owners were children growing up here. I wonder if it will still be here when today's youngest residents are grown.

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