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    I recently was exposed to photography through a good friend of mine. As a long time racer, I have always had an interest in racing, videography, and photos. It comes with the territory.

    After a weekend of shooting, i've decided to launch a website and start taking photos at our local races. I had a number of people ask me for business cards and have gotten numerous emails and calls since. I just got the site live and could use any input that you all may have. the website is

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with my first site considering I designed it in dreamweaver from scratch. The only thing I really don't like is the gallery. as you can see, the database software I used is called Gallery 2.0, and it really doesn't fit with the rest of the site visually. It does do everything I want it to however. It has the ability to search by race/bike number which is HUGE - it's a real timesaver on the user end. For an example, try searching #927 - I have lots of shots of him, and some good ones in there too.

    I am now in search of a camera. I am shooting a borrowed Canon Rebel 350. It's done a great job, but I need to get my own equipment and would like something better suited for continuous shooting. Since I am doing this in a spare time and on a budget, I was thinking something along the lines of a 20D and put my money into a good lens?

    Any feedback and advice you might have would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    well... first advice is that you should Have a title to your html page. It stills says untitled(this is also very important for google search). Your pictures are create, but your website doesn't do it justice at all. Look around and see what other might have done for similar website. You should ''hype'' it up and make it a bit more ''2008''. Seems old and outdated.. at least as far as the layout goes.

    my 2cent

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