The things I've missed


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Feb 25, 2020
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The path of my many years has never led me down any trail like photography.
I have been a student, a Boxer, a father, a mother ( yes I have been both) a ball player, football, basketball and tennis. I have been an air conditioning repair man, a house framer, a roofer, a network engineer, a surveyor, a Truck driver and many other things.
Along the way I've missed a lot.
I have never been a conservationist. But now I am.
I'm not a Liberal, or politician, or self righteous.
But I have seen the damage that mankind has created and the things that we as a species have taken away, without giving back.
I think that things should change. I think that we as a species should hold precious the living beings that were here long before us. Watching them disappear for the sake of greed is more worthy of tears, than I. Us. All of us.

So what's hanging out of the birds mouth in photo 1?
See photo 2.
I hope you are all well and that my message finds you , well.


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I agree with your philosophy and sentiments. But I'm not sure if or how they are related to the photos. It looks to me like he just caught dinner. Am I missing something?
Just me rambling on.
Always thought these birds ate little berry's and stuff.
Turns out they are voracious bug slaughterers
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