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5-1/2" x 8-1/2" charcoal (vine)

Nice! I like all the added strokes at the bottom of the fish, showing the action in the water.

So... you mention "vine" charcoal. I know there are a couple different types, but what makes them different? Is it a hard/soft thing, like with pastels?
Yes, much like graphite pencils, though not that scale: hard, medium, and soft. This was medium.

"Vine" because it's made from vines or sticks; they are about 1/4" diameter. As you can see, they are subject to breakage and, like pastel, can be used with the "tip" or the side.


This is a variation of of something I painted on the back of a jean jacket, about 30 years ago.
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Thanks for this, and the photo. Those sticks look kinda fun. That's a more interesting way to use charcoal than what I have, which is just a few pencils. I don't handle them very well.

I really love the look of charcoal sketches like this. :icon_thumleft:
Happy Easter (to those who celebrate).

Let's go with the theme "Mythology" and run through May.
Should be lots of material out there. I just did that Medusa on a whim, playing with monochrome, but there were lots of other figures just in her story alone. People, places, events. Sounds like fun! With plenty of time, too. ;)
And multiple cultures to chose from. This could be an ongoing thread, just by itself. I think I'll use this for the next photo challenge. STAY AWAY, @SquarePeg!
April-May: Mythology.

The Phoenix, a mythological bird that rises from it's ashes. Often used in heraldry.

Acrylic ink (red, orange, yellow, green, blue), acrylic paint (grey, some black), Micron water-proof archival ink (outlines); Canson Mixed Medio 98lb (160g) paper; 4-3/4" x 6-3/4"

Themed Art Challenge: Mythology by Snowbear Photography, on Flickr

In a nutshell, I sketched in pencil, outlined with a Micron pen, then erased the pencil (well, most of it). Brushed in the ink: yellow, red (actually "Process Magenta"), green, orange then blue. Finally added the grey, then black paint in the helm. For the heraldry fans (I think this is right - it's been a long time): Per chevron gules and or, in chief two roses of the second and in base a rose of the first. Above the shield is placed an helm with a Mantling of gules doubled or, and on a Wreath of the Liveries is set for Crest a phoenix azure in flames proper.
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Cool!!! I didn't know anything about the heraldry rules you posted, so it's fun to see how they informed your painting.

Lots of detail, lots of work - I like it! The Phoenix is a good subject. :icon_thumbsup:
Yes, please.
Actually, I posted that before the current challenge for mythology. I should have looked, she's one page back. Confused myself- not particularly hard to do. :icon_crazy:
Okay, for the mythology challenge, I decided to do a version of Daphne, so here she is:

Daphne 1.jpg

The usual oil pastels: Neopastel, Mungyo Gallery Soft, and some Senneliers, on Arches Oil Paper 12x16".

I didn't really have a plan for this one, just made a bare sketch. So it took awhile to figure out how to get her into that tree.

The story of Daphne in Greek mythology begins with young Cupid, little god of love and of the arrows. Cupid was playing with his bow and arrows, and was mocked by the god Apollo, who happened upon him, and sneered. This did not go over well with Cupid, who drew two special arrows from his small quivver. He shot one, gold-tipped, straight at Apollo, pierced his heart and made him susceptible to huge love. He shot the next one, lead-tipped, at young Daphne, daughter of the river god Peneus, designed to make her reject suitors. Apollo pursues her madly and she pleads with her father to help her be rid of him. So he transforms her into a tree. (Why not turn Apollo into a tree, you ask? Fair question. I personally file this story under: "The Things We Gotta Put Up With.")

It's also actually a laurel tree in the story, which is why Apollo wears his crown of laurel leaves in her honor. Well, I wanted a massive oak tree. I could see those big burls coming out of the roots and thought it would be fun to hang them on her hip and leg. Artistic license! It was fun to do.

I'm trying to get out and drown some worms this weekend so I'll be on the lookout fir a mermaid to sketch.

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