"They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships"


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Jan 7, 2012
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A shot of the Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial, in Gloucester, Maine. It is dedicated to all Gloucester fishermen who have lost their lives on the sea since the towns establishment in 1623. In front of it facing the sea are the names of all who have gone down since the early 1700s. A very somber and thought provoking memorial indeed.
Subject is interesting, but forgive me if I say this picture lacks dynamics, it's a bit too flat. Maybe the light was not right. I would see it in much harsher light, maybe more from the front, against dark, threatening sky. I think it would be much stronger image.
I'm quite with timor here.
But this also depens a little what you want to show in your image and use it for.
The interesting parts of the image as a art photo is the statue it self and not the big rock which it stands on.
And I would try to get a frame were you mostly se the statue and try to not have any trees etc in the background.
A interesting sky would also be quite importat.

Keep on snapping! :)
I totally agree about the sky. Right after we left there the clouds rolled in and it stormed all night :(
Yes, storm clouds in the sky would have reinforced the image. Also don't like the people and car in the background. It is these little details that make a good image into a great image. Still a nice photo and thanks for sharing with us.

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