Things i should consider before buying a lens


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Feb 5, 2010
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I want to buy a new lens but dont wana waste my money.

I like taking scenic photos but i would like to get into "people" photography.
I dont understand the numbers on the lens much besides the "mm" part but even then im kinda confused.

A wide angle would have a lower mm and higher f stop ??

Should i just rent a few lens and see what i like??

You need to be aware of how much you may want to spend on the lens.

What lens(es) are you shooting with now?
What camera are you using?

Renting lenses can be a good idea, it really depends on your budget.
For starters, the only mm you need to concern yourself with is the focal length mm as the lens diameter is also in mm as well. The smaller the focal length (11 is less than 24 which is less than 75) the wider the angle of view and the more can be fit into the frame but the subject will be further away in the viewfinder; just for a FYI for a full frame sensor or 35mm SLR the normal human eye focal length is 50mm. Crop sensors make the actual focal length a little larger by their crop factor for Nikon it has a crop factor of 1.5 so a 11mm is equivilent to 16.5mm, I think Canon is 1.6.

Aperture is f stops - different than focal length. F stops are how large (smaller number) or how small (larger number) the lens opening gets to when the shutter release is pressed. More light is let in the larger the lens opening and less depth of field the larger the lens opening; the reverse is true for smaller lens opening.

For scenic shots (landscapes) you need wider angle lenses, for people a lot of people here seem to get a 50mm lens. Portraits need about a 85 or 105 mm lens.
Just buy a fixed Focal length Zeiss Lens.
Better than any of that canon/nikon garbage.
i have a 25-50mm and a 70-200mm.

Yeah i want to get myself a prime lens.
thanks for the info.

my budget is about $400US that might be to low since most lense ive seen go for about 800+ :(
Sorry to be so blunt but if you have problems understanding photography lingo and what you need, you really don't have a reason to buy a prime lens. Develop your skills and knowledge and then think about buying a better lens.
A 50mm f1.8 prime is a nice addition to any bag for portraits and from B&H it goes for 120 US I think. If you want to spend a bit more you can always buy the 35mm goes for around 185. I think. With your crop factor you will sit at 75mm for the 50 and 52 ish for the 35mm. Cheap lenses to practice with.
Just buy a fixed Focal length Zeiss Lens.
Better than any of that canon/nikon garbage.

TROLL.................................. LOL.

The 50 is a great all around lens but I would not recommend it to much for portraits.
a 100mm would most likely be a good choice for you.
For "people" photography and a prime lens in the $400 range, the Canon 85mm f/1.8 EF lens is pretty hard to beat. It is a very well-made,sharp, portable, light shoots nice pictures of people,and is in the right price and focal length range. It would be my TOP suggestion as a prime lens for a Rebel shooter.
Agree..... the 85 is great..... So sad that I sold mine..... Jackie I hope you love it....

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