Think we got a new record cabera red 117lbs .i think the record is 116lb .


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Apr 20, 2013
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Buford Ga
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dont know why my pic anit showing up .
yup thats it .hoping we haver a record .Took 1.5 hrs to land out of st george florida
Guess we dont have a record .Guy at bay city lodge said it was real close anyhow .
Just got home .Ill play with pictures ltr after rest up .Had a real good time ,like every yr we go .Limited out on red snapper daily with 5 folks in the boats .We did catch a few that were up in the 20 lb range this opener days sat with 6 to 8 ft waves rolling ,we fished in them rollers .
2nd day of snapper
All together 118 lbs of red snapper fillets
Where we stay every yr for the past 15 yrs .
Just a little shrimp vessel

All pictures un edited .

Coming from bay city fish camp to the gulf .Its a 40 mile trip one way for us to run every day .We are going back next week till red snapper season is over ,which is only 44 days long total.
Fish cleaning station
Where we all park our vessels.
Just a little board walk
Our friend for a few days .We feed the tree rat cereal ,and he got kinda close .at times ,He was fatter then when he showed up ,even ate bananas

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