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    Ok, so I'm just looking at my options at this point. I know this is a beat subject but I would like some opinions. Right now Im shooting the canon rebel xs. I bought It just to get my feet wet into photography again. I shot for years on an old Olympus 35mm and really loved it but life did not allow the time I wanted to put into it so I sold It. anyways since I have had it for a little while now I see things that I would like to be Improved . Speed, ISO grain, and mp. I have done a little research over the past couple months and It seems like the 50D was the choice for nature photogs. I like macro a lot as well and some good macro enthusiasts go full frame too. I think I want the speed if I upgrade. Now they have the 7D out but I don't really want to spend that much just yet. It will be a little before I get a new body but this Is research at this point. would a 50D be good for and all around body with nature and macro In mind? Should I look Into something else? I will most likely be looking at 1k or less to spend.
    I have other things on my list before a body like glass and light FYI. also I'm typing on a phone so sorry if there are typos.


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