this is FUN, Meike circular FISHEYE lens 6.5mm for X-mount

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    Almost 2 weeks ago I got the Meike circular fisheye f/2.0 - 6,5mm, Fuji X-mount.

    The Meike is a "manual" lens (made in Hong Kong) so no autofocus and you've to set the aperture yourself.
    Like every wide-angel lens, this circular fisheye lens has an incredible depth-of-field, real focussing is hardly necessary and can (almost) be done "with your eyes closed" so to speak. It absolutely enables you a more spontaneous approach to picture taking.

    The lens is small, not too heavy (300g) and offers a very, very wide 190-degree field of view.
    Yes, definitely watch out for fingers, feet, shadows, coats and camera-straps into the pictures!


    The front element of this fish-eye is slightly bulbous, leaving it exposed to potential damage.
    There's a frontcap, but you cannot use a filters etc.
    The Meiki lens elements are multi-layer Nano Coated to help prevent flare.

    A circular fisheye lens that costs only €189 ($222) can it be any good ?
    I have asked myself this very question and yes, be surprized, it's absolutely an amazing lens!
    The sharpness is excellent at f/2 and still excellent at f/16.

    The edges becomes very good from f/2.8 to f/16 and at f/22 still giving a good result.
    I'm not really interested in technical bla, bla, but very much like what I see with my own eyes!
    Unfortunately the full circle of this lens doesn't complety shows on APS-c, but for me that's no real problem, made a nice circular mask.

    This Meike 6,5mm fisheye lens is not only a lot of fun, but also value for money and a very crisp and pleasing lens. (Meike lenses are also available for mirrorless cameras in Micro Four Thirds, Sony E and Canon EF-M lens mounts)

    Made just some snapshots at the forrest next to our appartment.
    (you can find information about Meike lenses on YouTube)



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    Hope this one turns out to be fun. On order and fingers crossed.


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