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Jan 21, 2006
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ah..... you clicked...... how nice of you...... you didnt have to you know...... well i best show some pics then :mrgreen:

A few more of the church folly...... just for you special people ;)




My friend and her daughter were with me..... she had a kite in the shape of a bat :lol: ....... so i thought i'd leave it in this one.



Thank you for browsing........ [end wierd thread] ;)
Ah, thanks for that, Archie, although I am kind of convinced we are not your one and only special people, but whatever...
Where is this?
Should I make my trip to Cornwall for "The Sheep Walk" come true, would I get a chance to see something similar?
I would not DARE to think I might photograph anything similar as well as you do, but... I could try! :wink:
Archangel said:
...... just for you special people ;)

I'm one of them! :bounce:

A W S O M E thread AA :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

What a great palce you've found ... and you've really done it justice with these! Love them all, the drama and atmosphere are just superb. :hail:
great shots!
I especially like of you framed the third one!
I also like the last one!
WHOA!!! COOL!! Love 'em all (and love the title too). The folly looks so different from that angle. You had some great clouds that day. An absolutely killer series. You may have singlehandedly increased the tourist traffic to your area with these shots. :sexywink:
Ack! I was tricked into looking at your pictures!!

Seriously though :) ... awesome as usual :)
The last one is my fav.
I'd however crop a bit from the bottom.
These look should enter #3 in DPChallenge this week...the theme is "Framed 2". You have to have something in the foreground act as a frame for something else...this photo works perfectly.
wooohooo I clicked and found great pics :D:D am I special too?

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