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Jun 18, 2009
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I am thinking about Purchasing a Canon Digital SLR, the two I am looking at right now are the 5D and the the 5D worth the bump in price from the 7D? Or should I go with the 7D and get more or better lenses?

Let me know what you think!


Edit/P.S. -- I guess I should put into here my main purpose. I already have a Canon XHA1 but without purchasing a Lens Adapter, (baaahh) I will not be able to interchange lenses. So I want a GREAT/AMAZING Photography camera, and since I am no longer in the Film Industry, my filming with the SLR won't be anything that I will have a Producer Up My Ass having to be Amazing, but I want really good quality with versability.

Hope that helps out more, if you have any other suggestions to other cameras, let me know too! I am up for anything, thanks!
2 totally different cameras. Do you need speed or do you need full frame?
Thats a good question, If it is not to much can you answer this?

Pros and Cons for Video
Pros and Cons for Photos

Full Frame:
Pros and Cons for Video
Pros and Cons for Photos?

You can sum/brief it up as much as you would like, no need to write a bible on it.

Thank you so much I appreciate all the help!
Maybe these are better/easier questions to ask?

1.)Which on is better for photography of Video?

2.)Which one is better for Video over Photography?

3.)Which is the absolute best for both?
Sorry I cant answer either. I personally would not buy a DSLR for video even though the 5D mkII has been used for professional video. As far as photos I would use the 7d for sports and wildlife and the 5d for fashion/weddings. So what ever one of those you are interested than that would be a good route to take. Granted you can use both for sports or fashion and still get great results. There may be an upgrade coming out on the 5d mkII but Im not for sure when or even if it is close. I personally would rather the 7d and spend the rest on quality glass. Hope this helps.
if you really want the video I would think 7D is better for you. With the 1.6 sensor multiplication, you will get 1.6X zoom right away. I dont have either of these cameras (I dont fell like researching it lol). If they both have same video resoution and frame/sec, I would go with 7D.
Also, both cameras I am sure are pretty quiet (i dont have one, not sure). You need to make sure to get USM lenses with quiet motors. What you dont want is something like a sigma lens where it is pain in the ass to switch from auto focus to manual focus. USM is way to go if you shoot a lot of videos. Plus, if you want to use the auto focus button, you wont hear the motor as much when you auto focus (you should use manual focus though). If you use a sigma, the one I had anyway, the motor is sooo loud and you can really hear it on your video.

Also if you buy cheaper lens (non usm), most of them have tiny focusing ring.
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I assume when you say 5D that you are talking about the 5DM2 because the 5D does not have a video mode - only the newer (more expensive) M2 has the video support.

As for your questions its tricky to answer - on paper the 5DM2 has a higher usable range of ISOs and is generally superior to the 7D in both video and stills. However the 7D also has a cropped sensor, thus giving an artifical "more zoomed in" feel from the different angle of view it gives lenses in comparison to the 5DM2 - further more the 7D has a far more sophisticated AF system which really is a big upgrade from what the 5DM2 has.

In short they are similar camera bodies in features, but aimed at different market areas - the 5DM2 is more of a studio camera whilst the 7D is more of an action/motion camera. These are very general descriptions and should not be taken that either camera is incapable of performing the others job - just that those in those circles will pick the camera more suited to their area of interest.

So the key question really is more about what kind of subjects, shooting conditions and what aspect you want in your shots - fullframe or 1.6 crop.
That is a good point, what are some questions that you would ask me, maybe that will help me decide which one, or which direction you would point in purchasing either one of those.

I could go to best buy and talk with a rep there, but I am not confident in there ability, not when I have a forum like this lol.

I did get a chance to see the 7D in action and I got to compare it to the RED Camera. And I tell you what the results of the 7D where very very good, Of course you can't beat a RED, They are just amazing cameras, but the 7D was not far from it.

I am leaning towards the 7D in the aspect of video, but for some reason the Canon 5dM2 Just makes me question it.

However getting good lenses are one of my main thing to do, especially when regarding two cameras that are barely different from each other, other then price
What kind of photography are you doing most of the time?

I own both cameras, and have been shooting both of them for comparison in the last week.

I am more familar/comfortable with the 7D...but the 5D makes some beautiful images.

I love the 10-22 on my 7D
This weekend, I will shoot the 16-35 on my 5Dmii and let you know if there is much of a difference. I almost wish the 7D/10-22 would be better. But, I bought the 5Dii for the landscape capibilities, so I guess I really hope is shines.

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