Thoughts on this water photo?


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Jul 8, 2013
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Acworth, Georgia
Considering using this photo, but concerned the sun reflection is too bright. If it is, is there anything that can be done as from what is understood, that bright of an area has lost data.

Should I leave it as is, or try to reduce the bright reflection?

Thanks for any input.
Basically correct: the white areas contain data, however it all just white. You could try to selectively subdue the brightness of the area. Leaving it definitely distracts from the boat.

Alternatively, you could crop it out, leaving the boat and the edge of the hot spot. The boat would be heading out of the frame, but the distraction would be gone.
Prefer not to crop too much more of the photo. What would be the best method to subdue the reflection using LightRoom?

You can't save that blown part, unfortunately. The best would be to clone it out in photoshop, that would be tedious!
Reducing the exposure on the blown white area will only leave it an unnatural gray. A good reminder for this type of scene has to be dealt with in the metering and exposure decisions at the time of shooting. I like the angle of the boat and the crisp wake gives the feeling of speed. Maybe try a high contrast black and white version?
I had that problem last week with a photo of one of my cats. The best fix I could come up with was to use the graduated filter in LR, lower the exposure in that area, and then change the color of the floor. Try the graduated filter and lower the exposure and see if that helps. There really isn't much more that can be done. Bummer!
I may try a B&W version of this photo. The photo was totally by accident as I was flying over a lake with the drone and spotted the boat moving across the water. Had very little time to prepare. Boat was moving fast.

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