Tigger, Aaron, Fire (3 photos)


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Jan 7, 2011
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Washington State
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Didn't want to make three threads for these three photos.

Just three of my favorite color photos i've taken recently.

All suggestions, critiques, comments, well to do's, thrown tomatoes, and rolled eyes are welcome. :)

Start with Tigger here.
Where he was laying on the floor I thought the lighting looked pretty nice.

This was my favorite shot at a wedding I was at. We were having fun taking photos of people and I turned on him and took one of him taking a photo. His girlfriend just ended up in a great little pose and I like how the lights sort of follow her hair outline.

This was a campfire I took a photo of. I liked this because about a year or more ago I tried and didn't know what to do as well. This time around I knew a bit more about working with my camera and the image is so much better.

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