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Discussion in 'DSLR Video Discussion' started by molested_cow, Jun 14, 2018.

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    Hi all, been trying timelapse recently with my old D700. I am so glad that the D700 has built in time interval shutter function, while limited, very easy to use and beats my remote shutter for the D750.

    Anyway, here are two questions:

    1. In the timelapse there are flickering effect caused by the inconsistency of the exposure of the photos. I was shooting between night and sunrise, so I couldn't use manual setting to keep everything consistent. Is there any software solution? I am shooting RAW using PS CS6 for editing.

    2. I shot in max resolution first so I can do some fake panning in the video editor. I am using Power Director. I can only manipulate the size one frame at a time so what I did was I output the video in 4K first and then do a second edit with the panning I want, and output it in 1080P. However between the first and second output, there was too much compression. Is there any way I can reduce the damage?

    Here's my first attempt:

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    Might want to look at LRTimelapse - Advanced Time Lapse Photography made easy! or Granite Bay software.

    You can minimize aperture flickr using the big aperture on your lens or an old manual lens

    Not sure of your software, normally you can have your sequence set at 1920x1080 and bring in the 5000px frames where you can either set your crop or scale up and down to do the post pans and zooms.

    If you need to do the two step output can you output the first round to a lossness codec like "animation"? However that's going to take time and be a big file.
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