Times Square Prom/Dance Photography Background

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    This 9'x9' Prom/Dance Photography Background of Times Square in New York City worked perfectly for a Homecoming Dance we photographed. We used black flooring with a red carpet laid out in front of it for the couples to stand on with confetti on the flooring. The students loved it. The background is printed on extremely tough, polyester-based media using UV-pigmented inks for optimal vibrancy and durability. Backdrops are then tiled and bonded together when applicable. There is approximately 5" of blank media at the top of the background where you can either clamp or use adhesive tape to affix the background to a background stand crossbar. We will ship UPS ground. We paid $400 and it has only been used once. Your cost for this amazing background $250.00 plus shipping approx. $30. it will come to you in a roll inside of a 4"(diameter) x 10' (length) PVC tube. (I have two of these backgrounds available.) You can contact me at: roynjoy@comcast.net

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