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Dec 2, 2007
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Hello All,

Newbie here. I've dusted off my old 35mm film camera and taken a new interest in photography. (Yes I know it's all digital now, but my Nikon F90x was a graduation present that was my pride & joy even though I hardly used it)

Anyway I am going to a rock concert next week (fairly small theater venue, about 500 capacity), and intend to try to shoot some good pictures there. Any tips/pointers gratefully appreciated :)

specifically i would like to ask, what is the best film to use? Do I go for a fast film? Like ISO 800? How good is the grain on fast films? Also tips on exposure settings, use of flash, etc would be helpful.

My equipment as I mentioned is:
Nikon F90X, Speedlight SB22 flashgun
Standard 35-70mm lens

Thanks :)
Do a search, this topic is covered a few times already, but to help a little:

- Use a very fast lens like a 50mm F/1.8

- Flashes in general are not allowed

- Use a high ISO film. ISO 400 or 800 if possible.
let me correct one this first of all>>>FILM IS NOT DEAD. Big misconception.

Anyways.. i agree with jerry, use a fast lense. at least f/2.8. high iso..i would select 800 myself.. unless the lights inside will be on. doubt it.

about your own lighting. ask the venue host or manager if your allowed, not allowed to have flashes. and go from there with that.

Make sure your allowed to move around. good concert pics involve getting rite up close to the stage, left side, right side. behind if possible.

and if you have equipment in bags.. keep it with you at all times. unless you have a buddy to watch it.
Thanks guys. I did do a tentative forum search before posting, but obviously I didn't search hard enough. Apologies and thanks again...

I do have a 50mm/1.8 lens too so will use that as suggested

let me correct one this first of all>>>FILM IS NOT DEAD. Big misconception.
I wasn't sure if it was... I notice most camera/photography magazines have "digital" in their titles now... hence my username ;) But that's reassuring to know, thanks Keith :)

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